What is CharityLink?

With CharityLink, you can support non-profit organizations by sharing links to products and services on social media. Simply use our sharing tool Charitizer to share products and services on you favorite social network.

Is it free to use the service?

Yes, you can use our service for free.

Do I need to sign up to use the service?

No, you can use our service without registration.

Is it safe to use Charitizer?

Yes, it is as safe as any other website (or even safer).

Can I click on the links I shared with Charitizer?

Please never use links you share yourself.

Can I change the code in Charitizer?

Please do not change the code, because it will not work.

Can I use links created with Charitizer on my website or blog.

Yes, you can use our links on blogs, websites or in newsletters.