How to use Charitizer

How To Use Charitizer on Desktop or Laptop

How To Use Charitizer on Android Tablets

To use Charitizer on Android you need to use Firefox for Android.
To bookmark Charitizer, long-press on the link, then choose "Bookmark Link".
For more info please visit: Add, delete and view bookmarked webpages in Firefox for Android
To share a product with your friends simply start typing "Charitizer" in your Firefox browser's address bar with the product page open. Tap on the bookmark.
The Sharing Tool will open in a new tab.
If you see the following notification: "Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window. Would you like to show it?" Click on "Show" with "Don't ask again for this site" selected. This setting will allow the website you are visiting to open popups. This step is necessary for our Sharing Tool to work properly.